Custody and Visitation

In a divorce with children, the biggest challenge is how to minimize the negative effects on your children. We encourage both parties to be reasonable. Take a step back from your own personal emotions. Seek counseling if necessary. Work together, not separately, at developing a working parenting plan for your children. Many, if not all, custody disputes can be settled outside of the courtroom.

The First Custody Dispute

Custody disputes go as far back as the Bible. King Solomon had to rule on one. He ordered the child cut in half, or 50-50. One mother agreed this was fair, the other begged no – give to the child to the other! He awarded it to the mom who begged to give.

If unfortunately you cannot reach a solution, you will end up in court. The court will decide your case on a case-by-case basis, in the “best interests of your children.” You or the court may decide to utilize the services of a child custody evaluator. This process is lengthy and very costly. If you find yourself dealing with unreasonable parent on the other side, this will be the most unfortunate path to take. In this case, we will help you navigate the child custody maze.

Child Custody Services Mediation is Mandatory For Custody Issues

Before the Judge will hear your case, you will need to go to Conciliation Court. There, a trained mediator will hear your case, and attempt to reach solution one last time before the court hearing. In Los Angeles, an appointment is free, and can be scheduled by calling (213) 830-0835.

Coronavirus and Child Custody and Visitation Orders

We have had numerous calls from existing and prospective Clients who are trying to navigate between the current stay at home orders and their custody and visitation orders. The first and foremost concern should be the health of your family.  Today more than ever it is important to be cooperative with any schedule changes, even if it results in less parenting time for you and more parenting time for the other parent.

Understand that each parent may have different views about how to approach this global pandemic and neither parent may be right or wrong, so it’s important to be cooperative. continued. Remember, your child is also to navigate a pandemic and a change in their everyday routine.  As parents, you do not want to add to your child’s stress and anxiety.  Again, now more than ever is the time for a united front.

Families have to do what works for them.  Our number one priority should always be the well-being of our children.  Parents have to work together, as there’s no rule book for custody and visitation  according to COVID-19.

Be creative and work out arrangements where if one parent has more time now because you want to minimize transitions, agree that when we return to a normal schedule, the parent who was not able to see the children has make-up time.

Make sure the children have regular phone, FaceTime, Zoom, Skype, email and/or text contact with the other parent.  This time is also anxiety-provoking for the child and having this contact can off-set concerns about the other parent’s well-being.

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