Catastrophic Sport Injury

According to the National Center for Catastrophic Sport Injury Research, Catastrophic Injuries are defined as:

“Fatalities, permanent disability injuries, serious injuries (fractured neck or serious head injury) even though the athlete has a full recovery, temporary or transient paralysis (athlete has no movement for a short time, but has a complete recovery), heat stroke due to exercise, or sudden cardiac arrest or sudden cardiac or severe cardiac disruption.”

Catastrophic injuries are classified as traumatic (direct) or exertional/systemic (indirect). Traumatic or direct injuries are those which resulted directly from participation in the fundamental skills of the sport.

Indirect injuries are caused by systemic failure (usually cardiac or respiratory) as a result of exertion while participating in an activity or by a complication which was secondary to a non-fatal injury.

Catastrophic Injury Lawyers in Los Angeles

The effects of a very serious injury go beyond physical pain. Victims of catastrophic injury in Los Angeles may be temporarily or permanently disabled, which can wreak havoc on everything in their lives: jobs and marriage, plans for the future, even their independence.

It’s no exaggeration to say that this type of loss is emotionally devastating as well as physically painful. Unfortunately, a catastrophic injury is almost always financially devastating as well.

Even if you have medical insurance, the cost of surgeries, hospitalization, and other costs can quickly skyrocket into the tens of thousands.

If you or a loved one was catastrophically injured by another person’s bad decisions or bad behavior, you have a legal right to hold that person responsible for the results.

Experienced Los Angeles catastrophic injury attorneys at Gigliotti Law Group can help you make your case and collect the maximum possible financial compensation.

Money can’t reverse a catastrophic injury, but it can help victims get the care they need and live with dignity and independence.

The Los Angeles catastrophic injury attorneys at the Gigliotti Law Group have extensive experience litigating over catastrophic injuries caused by serious auto accidents, defective consumer products, medical malpractice, premises liability, and dog bites.

Catastrophic Accidents including brain injuries, paralyses, bodily injury, and wrongful death can happen anywhere and in an instant. When you or a loved one suffers a life-threatening injury, even if fault is not clear, we are standing by to investigate and ensure the injured party’s rights are protected and ALL avenues of recovery are examined.