The Stress of Divorce: How to Keep it From Affecting Your Job

It’s important to leave your divorce worries outside your employer’s door.

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It may be easier said than done but keeping your divorce and employment separate is imperative in order to remain an ongoing productive employee. There are many tasks to juggle during the process so it’s best to prepare for divorce in advance to reduce negative consequences affecting your job. Below are helpful tips to balancing them both.

Leave it at the Door

When you open the doors at your job, the worries of divorce should stay behind. Your place of employment is open for business with the focus of having productive and focused employees. While attempting to focus on your job, it’s easy to allow impeding thoughts of the many changes that are occurring in your personal and home life to interfere with performing your job duties.  Emotions during divorce can affect all phases of your daily life but there is a time and place that these should be explored and it’s not from 8 to 5 while on your employer’s time clock.

Controlling Your Thought Process During Divorce

Learning to navigate the divorce process and balance the emotional aspects can be overwhelming. When finding yourself lost in thoughts concerning family changes, your children and attempting to weigh divorce options while the clock is still ticking on your job, then it’s time to learn self-control and new techniques toward controlling your thought process.

When performing job duties and your mind is wondering in another direction, this presenteeism can be financially costly to your employer and creates a decreased productivity level on your behalf. Learning to control when these thoughts are processed and your availability to mentally work on divorce decisions should be monitored closely by you.

Set aside time to actively work on divorce decisions so they do not interfere with your employment. Example – Every evening from 6:00 – 7:00 PM is the time allotted to allow undivided attention to what is needed for your personal well-being and divorce decisions. When you find yourself deviating from this schedule, it is time to stop your thought process and refocus. Learning to stop your thoughts and schedule time for requirements of the divorce process will reduce impeding on your employment and work performance.

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Juggling Legal Appointments and Employment can be Challenging

Attempting to juggle your employment and office visits with your divorce attorney can be challenging. If possible, schedule your legal appointments for late afternoon, evenings or week-ends to assist with the need to take time away from work which often creates additional strain on your fellow employees as they may be required to pick up your slack. Appointments scheduled during this time, also enables you to reduce thoughts impeding in your work time as it may be difficult to attend a legal appointment and return to your work and remain focused the remainder of the day. When searching for a divorce lawyer, make sure to review times that are offered for appointments to help you remain a productive employee.

Maintaining gainful employment is necessary for your financial and emotional well-being. Separation and divorce can bring about challenges that people are often ill equipped to handle and if not careful, allow them to interfere with other areas of their life. Leaving your divorce worries outside your employer’s door, controlling your thought process during work hours and scheduling legal appointments wisely can determine divorce affects employment. Learning in advance to educate yourself about divorce so you can proceed through the process in the most effective manner is wise to keep divorce and employment separate.

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