2020 Family Law Fee Schedule

Our Rates

At Gigliotti Law Group, our rates are structured to give our clients high-quality legal service at the lowest possible costs. We believe private representation, especially in family law, should be accessible and affordable. In general, we will require an up-front retainer and bill you hourly. In some cases, we are able to offer flat-fee pricing. Sometimes, traditional representation is unnecessary, and you only need a consulting attorney. If all else fails, we will provide you with competent referrals so you are not without representation.


If you hire us to be your attorney, our hourly rates range from $375 – $500 per hour.  Limited scope representation retainers start at $5,000. If you have limited funds and need help with specific issues such as child support and custody, you may select this service. (Details below). 

Full-scope representation retainers start at $10,000. If you need an attorney to represent you in your divorce from start to finish, you would select this service. Not sure what you need? The first step is to call our office and schedule your initial consultation. 

15-Minute Telephone Orientation:  FREE 

Initial consults are $500 per hour.

If you and your spouse agree to mediate, you can hire us to be your mediator.  As mediator, we are a neutral third party to help facilitate an agreement.  We would not be you or your spouse’s attorney and would not be representing either of you. In order to use this service, BOTH of you must be present and agree to use Mr. Gigliotti as your mediator.

15-Minute Telephone Mediation Orientation with BOTH Parties Present:  FREE

We charge a minimum of $3,500 for mediation.  To secure your first session, we require a 50% deposit on the retainer ($1,750). The remainder ($1,750) is due on the day of the mediation, right before the session.

Minimum retainer of $3,500. To book, 50% of fee ($1,750) is due. The remainder is due before the session.  The mediator’s fees are billed on an hourly basis ($500 per hour) for time spent with the parties in mediation, as well as for time outside of the mediation sessions to study documents, research issues, prepare correspondence, respond and initiate telephone calls, prepare and draft final agreements not covered by flat-fee arrangement, and do such other things as may be reasonably necessary to facilitate the parties’ reaching full agreement.

Our sessions are booked in 3-hour increments, and also includes 2 hours allotted to before and after session work, such as in-between session emails, and preparation and finalization of documents such as disclosures, preparing summaries and agendas, and joint phone conferences, if necessary.  Additional time of in-between session work over 2 hours are billed at $500 per hour. Any remainder of the retainer will be applied towards the next session, or the final signing session.

Subsequent sessions are $2,500 each (secured by a 50% deposit of $1,250).

*If you reach an agreement in mediation, we can also prepare your divorce paperwork.  Document preparation fees are listed below.

** If you already have an agreement, you probably do not need mediation time. You will just need paperwork. Document preparation fees are listed below.

Once you pay your deposit, we release this date. Time goes into securing the date, convening the case, and setting up your file.  There is a cancellation fee of $250 if you cancel after paying your deposit.  We will refund the deposit minus $250.

There is no rescheduling fee if you reschedule at least 14 days prior to your scheduled mediation. Thereafter, there is a $250 rescheduling fee. The parties shall be jointly and severally liable for the mediator’s fees and expenses.

Limited Scope Representation (Unbundled Legal Services)

Are you in mediation, and need a consulting attorney to review your divorce settlement? Need behind-the-scenes legal advice, but not representation for whole divorce? Someone to ghostwrite your legal papers? Want help with one court appearance, but not the entire divorce? Need temporary spousal support/child support, but can’t afford the entire divorce?

For those who are cost-conscious and cannot afford traditional legal representation, you may wish to consider using a lawyer on an “as-needed” basis.

Pricing starts at $5,000 and up.

Premarital Agreements (PMA)

Starting at $4,500 and up for drafting a PMA.  Starting at $3,500 and up for review of existing PMA prepared by spouse’s attorney.  (Additional fees apply for additional edits and drafts, rush, signing session, notary).

If your wedding is less than 45 court days away, we charge a rush fee of $1,000 to deliver your first draft within 5 business days.  Please note the rush fee does NOT guarantee completion – circumstances are dictated entirely by you and your spouse and their representation.  In other words, even if Mr. Gigliotti delivers the first draft within 5 days, if your fiancé/fiancée does not hire counsel, or cooperate, your PMA will not be completed.  In general, if you are contemplating a PMA, we recommend you allot appropriate time prior to the wedding (at least 2 months).  The law regarding PMAs is complex.

Both parties MUST be represented by independent legal counsel.  (Your fiancé/fiancée MUST retain their own attorney). There are no exceptions to this rule.

Don’t know if you need a prenuptial agreement? Schedule a 1-hour consultation with our office BEFORE you get married.

Contested Dissolution

For contested divorces, the minimum retainer is $10,000 – $25,000 (depending on the issues in your case), and normal hourly fees ($350 – $500) apply. Costs are the same.

Uncontested Or Default Dissolution (Paperwork Only)

Document Preparation Fees

Gigliotti Law Group charges flat fees for preparing documents in uncontested matters and mediations.  Generally, it costs $2,500 to process a divorce without children ($3,765 including all court costs), and $3,500 ($4,765 including all court costs) to process a divorce with children. The document prep comes with a complimentary 1 hour signing session, where you can ask all your questions about the documents that are prepared for you. In addition, if the Judgment is rejected for any reason, we submit for you with no additional cost. We will hold your hand throughout the entire process until your Divorce Judgment is entered.

The costs are broken down in detail below:

  • Petition and Response (no minor children), includes court filing fees of $435 per person
  • Family Law Case Cover Sheet
  • Summons
  • Notice and Acknowledgment of Receipt
  • Proof of Service
  • Actual service of papers and copies (Filing the Petition STARTS the case.  However, your case is not complete until a Judgment packet is filed (see below)
  • Declaration of Disclosures (one per party)
  • Declaration re: Default of Uncontested Divorce
  • Judgment Cover Sheet plus Stipulated Judgment
  • Notice of Entry of Judgment
  • Declaration re: Service of Declaration of Disclosures (one per party)
  • Appearances, Stipulations and Waivers
  • Stipulation for Waiver of Final Declarations of Disclosures
  • *There is a flat rate processing charge of $395 for document prep, which includes messenger delivery, postage, copies, etc.

For Mediation and Document preparation, we recommend holding a signing session where we will review all documents together, and the mediator will answer any final questions.  The signing session lasts between 2- 3 hours.  Normal hourly rate applies.

Sample Costs:

  • Divorce without children: 1 mediation session $3,500 plus document prep $3,765 = $7,265.
  • With children: 1 mediation session $3,500 plus document prep $4,765 = $8,265.
  • With children: 2 mediation sessions $6,000 plus document prep $4,670 = $10,765.

We offer mediated private settlement conferences. We have over 30 years of experience in Family Law litigation and can help you and your clients come to an agreement.

Our rate is $5,000 for full day of mediation and $3,000 for half-day.

At Gigliotti Law Group, our rates are structured to give our clients high quality legal service at the lowest possible costs.